How to Choose the Best Trekking Company for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

In Nepal, trekking is an organic experience. The Everest Base Camp Trek offers breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas, intimate encounters with some of the highest mountains on Earth, and exposure to other cultures and religions.

The experience of walking on the lap of the Himalayas, coupled with an exhilarating sense of excitement, is what Everest Base Camp offers.

This excursion lets you take in the shimmering magnificence of the White Peaks, far from the meandering masses.

Bright celebrations like Gyalpo Lhosar, Dumji, and Mani Rimdu provide wonderful opportunities for both religious and cultural exploration.

The journey will be more thrilling because of the expansive vistas of snow-capped mountains including Mt. Everest, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Nuptse, and many more.

Everest Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • Visit the Kathmandu Valley’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Experience the most exhilarating 30-minute fly from Kathmandu to Lukla.
  • an examination of the distinctive culture of the native Sherpas, who live in the Himalayan region.
  • From Kalapatthar, take in the views of the world’s tallest mountain and several other great Himalayan giants.
  • Hike to the world’s tallest mountain’s base camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

About 13 days are needed to complete the Everest Base Camp Trek to and from Kathmandu.

Take a leisurely flight for 35 minutes to reach Lukla, one of the world’s most perilous airports, where you may see the most breathtaking mountain vistas.Both landing there and beginning the Everest Base Camp Trek are life-changing experiences. The trip to Phakding is completed for the day on foot.

The journey to Namche Bazaar the following day crosses numerous suspension bridges. Trekkers may visit the amazing bazaar at Namche Bazaar (3,440 m), which serves as both the entrance to Everest Base Camp and the region’s economic hub.

After acclimating to Namche, spend the following day exploring. The Sherpa Cultural Museum has displays about their way of life as well as artifacts from the old Sherpa relics.

Over the next four days, go to Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, and Everest Base Camp. In Dingboche, acclimatization is a wise move.

Beautiful views of Khumbu Tse (6,636 m) and the Khumbu Icefall can be seen from the EBC. Proceed to Gorakshep and spend the night there.Both the view of Khumbu Tse and Lingtren and the view of the Khumbu Icefall are breathtaking.
Go to Kalapatthar the next day to witness the majestic Mount Everest blanketed in dawn splendor. A well-known vantage point for a broad view of Nuptse, Changtse, Lhotse, and Pumori, in addition to Mount Everest (8848.86 m), is Kalapatthar. As the sun rises above Mount Everest, the mountain’s hue shifts from silver to gold.

Afterward, go down to Pheriche. You will descend to Lukla and Namche Bazaar the following day. Your flight to Kathmandu departs the next day.

How to choose the best trekking company for your Everest Base Camp Trek?

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is fantastic, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. For the best experience, selecting the appropriate company is therefore essential. Make your Trekking to Everest Base Camp an unforgettable experience by selecting the top trekking company in Nepal.

The following characteristics should be present in the top trekking firms in Nepal.

Registration and Membership

Selecting a trekking firm that complies with all safety regulations is essential. For instance, the Nepali government and travel organizations like the Nepal Mountaineering Association and the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal require accreditation for trekking agencies operating in the country.

When those certifications are lost, you don’t want to deal with dubious transactions or legal problems following a scam. Check the legal status of a trekking firm before hiring them.

Business Operation

In Nepal, trekking firms are opening up every day. In the end, the experience matters, regardless of their service claims. Thus, please make sure to take note of how long they have been in operation.

Because of their extended business history, they have gained a great deal of experience and have withstood the test of time. Your ability to handle crises, medical problems, or unfavorable situations will come in handy as you venture into new places.

What is included and what is not included

While cost is important, take particular note of the package’s contents.

Even while some inexpensive treks can seem reasonable, it’s crucial to make sure that, before embarking on your journey, you’ve budgeted for things like lodging and meals in Kathmandu.

Selecting a trekking firm that excludes you could appear cost-effective, but since you have to pay for everything when in Nepal, you wind up paying more.

It is strongly advised to spend one or two days in Kathmandu before to the tour’s commencement. This will allow you to see the ancient city of Kathmandu and provide you with an opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate before beginning your tour.

Consider these factors while selecting a trekking company, as  some companies may omit them to make the trip look cheap.


TripAdvisor Reviews

It’s crucial to check the reviews of the trekking business you’ve selected because you don’t want to find out about its flaws up front. Reviews on TripAdvisor frequently include details regarding the caliber of service.

This platform has a high rating for trekking businesses in Nepal, so you may obtain a lot of feedback before selecting one.

Trekking Guides and Porters

Before choosing a tour guide, find out more about the firm. Trekking hazards are known to experienced guides, who take them into account when arranging your journey. Specifically, they employ a licensed guide for high-altitude hikes like the EBC.

Some businesses require employees who can keep up with novice hikers. We are unable to learn more about the area and its people as a result.

An informed local guide makes a big difference in your experience. The greatest spots to dine and stay are known to your guide. They have easy conversational skills, therefore I have no trouble getting past linguistic obstacles. As a result, reputable trekking firms use the most qualified candidates.

An excellent trekking business should pay its porters and guides a fair wage and offer them insurance.

Equipment in the trip

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a high-altitude trip that requires hiking aids.

You need a duffel bag to transport your stuff. You need sleeping bags in order to stay warm when you sleep at night. Using trekking poles improves your trekking. Similarly, a down with a -18 °C rating is necessary.

The expense of purchasing all of this equipment is high. It can be difficult to rent them since you might not know where to look for the best products or what standards they must meet.

You’re also covered in this area by a trekking agency. They will rent you the highest caliber of equipment available.

Safety and Security

In general, trekking in Nepal is safe, but exercise caution. The trekking firm takes care of security and safety. You and your loved ones stay comfortable because of that help.

First aid kits and other essentials are carried by trekking organizations in case you get harmed.

Emergency Evacuation

At 3,440 meters, the second day of the journey begins in Namche Bazaar. Thus, the most of the trekking in the EBC Trek takes place above 3500 meters. The highest point of the journey, Kalapatthar, is located at 5,545 meters above sea level, whereas Everest Base Camp is situated at 5,364 meters.

A reputable trekking organization will assess your fitness level and schedule the required acclimatization. It might be necessary to evacuate in an emergency, though. Although these things are not taken seriously, they do happen, so you should have a backup plan.

The trekking firm will arrange this for you; they have good connections with helicopter charter businesses and insurance providers.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

There may be cancellations of both domestic and international flights, particularly in the Himalayan region. A business that takes these possibilities into account is crucial in these situations.

In the same way, flights to Lukla are infamously unreliable. It’s possible that your trek plan won’t go exactly as planned.

You also need payment flexibility in order to accomplish that. We might have to cancel the lodging you had reserved because of this anticipated change.

All of these situations, underpayment, and cancellation policies will be handled by a reputable hiking company.

Sustainable Trips

In the end, you ought to pick a business that values the environment and sustainability.

There aren’t enough facilities for disposing of waste in the remote Himalayan region, which is becoming a bigger issue in the Everest region.

Thus, the trekking business you choose has to be cognizant of this issue and try to minimize their use of plastic.


The top Nepalese trekking firms provide an unrestricted planning and organizing experience that is healthful.

Trekking in Nepal is turning from being a pipe dream to a reality. This is what the Nepal trekking firm has to offer. We handle all the planning, which includes scheduling lodging and meals, personalizing your journey, and employing the top porters and guides.

Using The Sherpa Expedition and Trekking firm adds even more significance to your trip experience. We promise that.

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