Discovering the Brilliance of a Lab Grown 5 Carat Diamond

Just imagine a ring with the diamond in it. What are the images that come to your mind? Gleaming beauty, classic design and, you guessed it, a high cost. However, what if there is a chance to receive all the positive emotions linked with the appearance of a diamond, without spending a lot of money and without thinking about ethical issues? Introduction to the lab grown diamonds especially to the beautiful lab grown 5 carat diamond. It is now time so steer into 

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A lab grown diamond is exactly what it sounds like: It is a man made product that is actually synthesised in laboratories and not mined or extracted like the natural or the minerally characterised or inherent diamonds. Though they are manmade in creation, these diamonds are as close to natural diamonds in terms of composition, obsorbilities and reflective characteristics. It is manufactured with cutting edge technological procedures that imitate growth of a diamond.

How Lab Grown Diamonds are Made?

Lab grown diamonds are created using two main methods: The most important categories of processes of diamond synthesis are HPHT and CVD.

  • HPHT: It will copy the formation process of natural diamond kind by pressing carbon with high pressure and high temperature which will turn it into diamond crystal.
  • CVD: Here, a carbon rich gas is deposited on a diamond seed in a vacuum enclosure and gradually a diamond is built up layer by layer.

Both techniques provide gemological acceptable diamonds and look very much similar to the naturals.

Pros of Selecting Lab Grown Diamonds

What are the reasons to go for Lab grown diamond? Here are some compelling reasons:Here are some more:

  • Cost-effective: Lab grown diamonds are also cheaper as compared to mined diamonds and are 20 to 40 percent cheaper.
  • Ethically sourced: There is no fuss that is created concerning the impacts of the environment and the society taken by diamond mining.
  • Customizable: A greater choice of sizes, colours and clarity of the above stones as compared to the other four types of gemstones.

Quality and Certification

Similar to the natural diamond, the man-made material obtained through the three methods bear a certificate from the reputable institutions like GIA and IGI. These certifications are useful for the buyers as far as the diamond’s quality is concerned depending on the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Customization Options

Another feature that is attached to lab grown 5 carat diamond comes in designs and thus one can opt for the design that they want in their gemstone. It is also possible to choose some characteristics like colour, clarity, even the cut of the diamond. Such a level of uniqueness makes it possible to have jewellery that is made to reflect a specific customer’s desire.

Where to Buy the Lab Grown Diamonds 5 Carat 

More and more reputed jewellers are offering Lab grown 5 carat diamonds so it is easier to find one now. Many online jewellery stores and many specialty jewellers and even some brick and mortar jewellery stores stock lab grown diamonds. When selecting the diamond ensure that you get it from a credible dealer so as to be sure that the diamond being used is not a fake one.

Caring for your Lab Grown Diamond

Technically, it is also similar to taking care of a laboratory grown diamond as it is to take care of an earth mined diamond. The jeweller said that one should clean it every day with soapy water and use water to rinse off – this along with professional cleaning will suffice. Do not use any chemicals, especially bleach and ammonia, on your diamonds and store them in different jewelries to avoid getting scratched.

Lab Grown Diamonds are the Future

Looking at the future, lab grown diamonds can only mean good things. These diamonds are a growing favourite in jewellery because technology is creating qualitatively better and less costly products. Eventually, acceptance rises as well, which places lab grown diamonds in the jewellery market as the sustainable and ethical product.


In conclusion, a lab grown 5 carat diamond is as beautiful and charming as natural diamond, cuts its price as well as has no unethical and environmental behaviours. For engagement rings, Christmas trees, birthdays or just the love of the sparkle of diamond, lab creations are smart and stunning.

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